Hostel Ibagué

CONNECTIONS, English Institute offers foreigners the opportunity to teach English. In exchange, the person can stay in our bedroom for a period of time, FREE OF CHARGE, with one meal per day included. Also, you can have salsa classes and free Spanish lessons in the week.The foreigner has the chance of exchanging experiences and culture with the students.

The place is a third floor English institute. On the third floor, there's a terrace with 2 bedrooms and a private bathroom for the teachers. We have got a kitchen with all utensils, microwave, fridge and washing machine, available. The foreigner can get stuffs from a supermarket 2 blocks away from the institute and prepare her/his own meals. Ibague is a really safe, cheap and fun city.

On the weekends, we normally do things like rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, rappelling or hiking, or teachers can arrange their leisure-time themselves. Explore this thrilling paradise of cloudforested mountains, palm-fringed beaches and gorgeous girls and colonial cities.!!

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La empresa International Certification and Training S.A ha certificado a la institución para el trabajo y desarrollo humano Instituto de inglés, Connections por haber implementado un sistema de gestión de calidad de conformidad con las normas: ISO 9001, NTC 5555 y NTC 5580

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Teachers Feedback

Teachers Feedback

Conoce nuestros docentes nativos y sus experiencias através del intercambio lingüistico y cultural que realizaron con los estudiantes en nuestra institución.


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